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1. Belphone Logo
Business Logo Design: Belphone Logo
Belgravia Telecommunications Company LLC (Belphone) is a voice over the internet company. We created a unique, identifiable, simple and easy to remember logo. The logo is used for products such as telephones, access boxes, routers and soft telephones for computers as well as icons on computer desktop.
2. EC Wireless Logo
Business Logo Design: EC Wireless Logo
EC Wireless, Inc from Falls Church, VA is a consulting firm specifically created to help merge different technologies into the wireless arena. The logo is simple but conveys creativity, energy and balance.
3. Wireless Lan Source Logo
Business Logo Design: Wireless Lan Source Logo
Wireless LAN Source operates from new 3000sq ft office/warehouse in Welshpool, Mid-Wales, UK. We created an easily recognisable graphic as their company name is quite long. We emphasised the "Wireless" and used a theme of expanding waves in a new interesting way. Their web site is
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